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Professor VN Sibiya

Professor VN Sibiya

Professor VN Sibiya

  • Founder & Leader
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Professor VN Sibiya is an anointed Kingdom Ambassador of the Most High God, appointed for this generation. He is the Founder/President of VN Sibiya Ministries (VNSM), (also known as) Omega Bible Church (OBC), presently in South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. He is also the Founder/President of Africa Conference of Covenant Churches (ACCC), a giant network with a vision to unite covenant leaders and churches for the restoration of the Dominion apostolic foundation creating opportunities for guidance, leadership development, mentoring, empowerment, coaching and connection. Prof. Sibiya has earned three bachelor’s degrees, three master’s degrees, numerous doctorate degrees, numerous Honorary Doctorate Degrees and he is a Professor of Divinity, Ministry, Theology and Philosophy in Leadership. He is also the Founder/Life Chancellor of the Omega Global Institute (OGI) t/a Omega Bible Theological College (OBTC) and Omega Global University (OGU) with numerous tuition centers in Africa and the Professor VN Sibiya Covenant School (PVNSCS). He is also the Founder/President of the Dominion Vision Global Network (DVGN), which is also the Omega Family partners and members platform for Kingdom Wealth Creation, Financial Freedom and financial support towards the Kingdom Mandate Vision fulfillment!

Prof. VN Sibiya is a spiritual father and mentor to many community, political, business, church, and ministry leaders. He has been given a Dominion/ Kingdom Vision for making disciples and planting Kingdom apostolic Churches in Africa and throughout the world. He has an apostolic/prophetic anointing operating in his life, evident by the Kingdom sons he has raised. Prof. Sibiya is a reputed Dominion/Kingdom life teacher, tutor, preacher, counselor-specialist, marriage commissioner, faithful steward chaplain, entrepreneur, Dominion businessman, mentor, coach, leader developer, a full-time traveler and a diplomatic World Peace Ambassador. Over the years of ministry, Prof. VN Sibiya has ordained and elevated a diversity of leaders. He’s consecrated apostles, bishops, and archbishops alike, while honoring and installing many for their meritorious achievements and proficiency in a plethora of fields to date. As part of his fathering ministry, he has also saw the need for bringing up a Kingdom Apostolic/ Prophetic generation in Africa and abroad through his world outreach ministry called the Dominion Vision Voice, which is a wing of VN Sibiya Ministries.

Prof. VN Sibiya is the Vice President and Director of African Operations of the Original Intent Global Network. He is part of the apostolic ministry team that engages church leaders and their congregations in having a better understanding of their Dominion/Kingdom inheritance and God’s original intent for their lives. He is also the Founder/President of the VN Sibiya Solution Centers and the VN Sibiya Foundation for community development purposes, promoting prosperity through productivity. He is a family Father, married to Dr. Thoko Mary Sibiya, blessed with eight children including daughters in law and eight grandchildren.


Apostle, Prof. VN Sibiya has a Vision of an Age-Appropriate Kingdom Life Development Process that leads our generation to love Jesus, His Church, grow spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and financially to fulfill Genesis 1v27-31. Discover their SHAPE– (Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personalities, Experiences) for ministry and understand their life vision, mission and purpose in the real world for God’s Glory!


Proverbs 24v3-4 – “Through Wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious pleasant riches.”