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VN Sibiya Ministries (aka) Omega Bible Church is a founder member of the ACCC and Archbishop, Prof. VN Sibiya plays a major role in the leadership of the conference as its Founder and Global President. The ACCC is an umbrella organization serving autonomous Churches, Businesses, Organizations and Ministries, with a Vision of Uniting Kingdom/Covenant Leaders, Churches and Ministries to work together for the restoration of the apostolic foundation according to Ephesians 2v20.
One of the aims of the ACCC is to safe guard the interest of all nations and human moral values according to the Holy Scriptures and continuous responsibility with accountability to the African family by promoting the culture of prosperity through productivity.

The conference wants to network together Churches, Businesses, Organizations and Ministries which are flowing with the wave of God’s Spirit and to co-operate in joint ventures to extend the Kingdom of God by the raising up of a Kingdom apostolic/prophetic generation! The ACCC host major meetings from time to time on regional, national or international levels. The most significant of these meetings being the annual national or international conference and giant Communion service, which climaxes the standard of effectiveness in Kingdom leadership.


The ACCC has adopted as its wing for the Family Unit and Prayer Life Commission the following Ministries; Kingdom Woman of Wisdom Ministry (Proverbs 14v1-3, 31v10-30)


  • Man of Purpose Ministry (Daniel 1v8, Psalms112v1-10, 127v1-5, 128v1-6, Proverbs 4v16, 12v1-28,13v1-25, and 1Timothy, 6v1-21);
  • Youth of Power Ministry (1Timothy 4v12-16, Ecclesiastes 12v1-14, Psalms 119v9-176)
  • and Olive Plants (Children) Ministry (Psalms 128v3, 127v3-5,)

These were also founded and established by the Apostle, Prof. VN Sibiya, led by different Directors.

The Purpose is Reaching Women, Men, Youth and Children with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, provide an opportunity for spiritual growth, build character, moral values, develop gifts talents, cultivate relationships between women, men, youth and children and provide a platform which encourages physical fitness and the development of a healthy marriage and family lifestyle that glorifies Christ.

The Vision is Uniting women, men, youth and children leaders to work together towards the discovery of their individual purpose in life and find their place in the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Mission is to Touch women, men, youth and children lives with the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior and change nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

The Aims and Objectives are to Mirror God’s Image, to Multiply a Godly Heritage, to Manage and Maintain God’s Standard of Kingdom Women, Men, Youth And Children to Mutually complement one another and complete God’s Eternal Purposes for our lives, to Model Christ like character and relationships in the Body of Christ, the Church. To Host Conferences, Seminars and Workshops focusing on topics that builds a Godly Self Image, Successful Business, Professional Work Ethics, Effective Home Management and General Etiquette, according to Proverbs 31v10-31.